A Thong Under Tights

Posted by on Feb 3, 2020 in Emporio Armani, Nike, Other Undies | 1 comment

Nike Tights and Emporio Armani Thong

I really like wearing compression pants (a.k.a. tights) for a few reasons: 1) they are comfortable, 2) I have some circulation issues, so the compression helps with that, and 3) I feel good in them…I think they look good on me.

Typically I like to match my underwear to the color of tights I am wearing.  I don’t mind having “panty lines” (in fact, I like having them), but this day I chose a red Emporio Armani thong to wear underneath my Nike compression pants.  The thong obviously provides support I need for my “junk” and the tights provide the support I need for my legs.

And…I’m wearing a matching red t-shirt…my “Boycott Pants” t-shirt.

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    You look wonderful in tights! And better with those red undies matching them!

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