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Welcome to TightyWhities.Club, my Internet playground for showing off underwear…well, me and my boyfriend in our underwear.


A lot of times, the photo sets will just be some random selfies we take when getting dressed for the day’s activities. But, on many occasions, the photos will be from more public locations…like neighborhood, state, and national parks or just out on the back patio (like the pictures to the right…all taken on my back patio).


As you might learn from various photo sets featured on this site, my favorite superhero is Superman and my boyfriend’s is The Flash…there we are pictured top/right. He’s in his Flash underwear and I’m in my Superman briefs.


The next photo down features us in matching tiger print briefs from Tiger Underwear (one of our definite favorite brands). Although they are on the expensive side, they are great quality underwear.


The last photo displays us both in swim briefs (speedos). He’s wearing my Turbo (brand) USA speedo, and I’m wearing a red USA swim brief (not sure what the brand is). And…you obviously can’t see in the photo, but U.S.A. is printed on the rear of my suit.


In each set we post, I try to tell a little about the setting or at least about the underwear I/we am/are modelling. Please feel free to leave comments and even rate the posts…it’s all for fun.

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