All-American Double Seat Duo

Posted by on Mar 16, 2019 in Colored Briefs, Tiger Underwear | 0 comments

I’m currently visiting with my boyfriend and yesterday we got the Levi’s t-shirts at one of the local outlet stores.  We got ’em specifically because we thought they would go real good (match) some of the double-seat briefs we each have. So….

Click to visit Tiger UnderwearToday we tried our new shirts on with our American double-seat briefs from Tiger Underwear.  I have to say, we both agree that this ensemble could not go together any better.  The blue and red of the Levi’s logo match so well with the blue and red of our underwear. 

It’s just too cool.  Let us know what you think: comment on or rate the post after the pics.

We will be posting more from our various “photo shoots” in the coming days and weeks.

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