America, Mickey, Wrangler, and Superman

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American Double Seat Tiger Underwear

This post is all about America.  My wonderful boyfriend is showing off all kinds of cool American stuff.

First off, he is wearing some “American” double seat briefs from Tiger Underwear.  They feature red in the front and back, blue on the sides, and white contrasting trim…not to mention the white waistband with retro-looking blue dashes.  #random: it’s “funny” how the blue of the waistband doesn’t show up that well in photos…kinda bugs me really.

Next he’s sporting a super-cool Mickey Mouse t-shirt…heehee, Mickey’s wearing glasses.  Too cute!  Incidentally, I have a shirt like that as well.  Well, I have underwear just like that, too.

Finally, he’s wearing some Wrangler jeans over those wonderful underwear.  Just so as you know, he looks great in Wrangler jeans!!

Oh, I almost forgot: he is topping all that off with his Superman hat…he says he wears it ’cause it reminds him of me and keeps me close to him. 🙂

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