American Nature Trail

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American Double Seat Tiger Underwear

During our cabin getaway trip in February of last year (2019), we did some trail hiking in one of our favorite scenic state parks a few hours south of where we live.

This set of photos was taken while on a one-mile trail.  It was a bit chilly that day but pleasant enough for a good hike.  At one point we found a pathway through some rocks that had been formed by fallen rock and erosion.  It turned out to be a great point to get some underwear photos.  On this day, I was wearing some (what I call) “American” double seat briefs from Tiger Underwear.

Click to visit Tiger UnderwearAs you will see in other photo set posts, Tiger Underwear is one of my favorite brands.  So much so that I like to give them a plug now and again.  Check out their website by clicking the logo image (at right).

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