aussieBum Billy Briefs – Blue Stars

Posted by on Jun 17, 2019 in aussieBum, Other Undies, Posts with Video | 1 comment

I saw this style of aussieBum briefs on the tumblr blog of a guy I follow…they looked sooooo good on him.  I reached out to him in a private message to find out what exact kind/style they were and where to get them.  I ended up ordering 4 different pairs.

They arrived a couple weeks ago.  As I said about the first pair I featured here on this site (Hot Dogs), I looked at them I thought they would be too big for me (as I got XXL…mostly because they are very low-rise compared to what I commonly wear).  Still, I tried them on and fell in love with them.  They fit me pretty good and are really fun to wear!

These are tagged “Blue Stars”.  At first glance they kind of look like little Captain America stars, but they are actually stars within a horseshoe.  I really like them.

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    I love these on you!! I’m glad you’re enjoying them buddy 😉

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