Baltic Blue Armachillo Briefs

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Baltic Blue Armachillo Briefs

I remember being in Kansas City on business in January of 2017…I was doing some consulting work.  As is my custom, I like to look around local areas for different stores and whatnot…mostly to look for underwear brands/styles that I might not already have.  I happened to see a Duluth Trading Company store not far from my hotel.

I had seen these Armachillo briefs in their catalog (yep, I was getting those ever since I first ordered from their website), but I hadn’t gotten any at that point.  I was happy to see them in the store where I could really get a feel for them (literally).  I ended up buying this pair…Baltic Blue.  They are heralded for keeping things cool (hence the “CHILL” in the name), and they are good for that.  I don’t remember caring too much for them, though…especially for the price.  I got them on sale for around $20; I would not pay the retail price of $27.50 for these.

Anyway, this is what Duluth Trading’s website says about them: When it’s Texas-hot out there on the job site you need the absolute best cooling performance everywhere you can get it. So ditch the hot, sweaty cotton undies and pull on the revolutionary cooling of Armachillo® technology. Microscopic jade embedded in the fabric feels cooler on skin while the 91% nylon/9% spandex knit fabric pulls moisture off your skin to nix chafing, fabric treatment resists odor too. Lightweight yet stretchy, they support as you’re climbing, crouching, reaching and the smooth flat-lock stitching on the seams mean no lumps and bumps pinching your skin all day. No wimpy waistband either – ours is 1-1⁄2″ wide and brushed for pinch-free comfort. Snug fit for greater support. So don’t steam your oysters, put ’em on ice with Armachillo!

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    I do like the feel of these quite a bit, but I agree that they are way overpriced. I only have the one pair, which I got last year for Christmas. Whether you care for them or not, they look fantastic on you.

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