Black Cotton-Stretch CKs

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Black Cotton-Stretch CKs

I picked out these cotton-stretch Calvin Klein briefs to wear to work one day; they were to match the black polo shirt I was going to wear with some khaki pants…I had a meeting that day and needed to be “professional” (I didn’t think a ‘Boycott Pants’ shirt would be appropriate).

After taking this set of selfies in the hallway that morning, I realized it was Tuesday.  You know I CANNOT wear anything but tighty whities on a Tuesday…such heresy to wear black or any other color LOL.  (I did end up putting Stafford tighty whities on…just sayin’)

So these Calvin Klein underwear are everything you might expect in CKs.  The cotton stretch fabric is soft and confining without being constricting.  I am sure I got them at a Calvin Klein outlet store somewhere along the way.  What I most like them (apart from the fabric) is they have two of my favorite colors for underwear: black and red.  I love that.  The CALVIN KLEIN stitched in black on the red waistband is just too cool, right?!?!?

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