Black Lupo Briefs at Zion

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Black Lupo Briefs

In May 2018, we embarcked on a whirlwind, three-week vacation looping out West for a total of just at 5,000 miles…was a lot of windshield time, for sure.

We made several stops along the way; one of which lasted 4 days. We stayed at a roadside hotel in a tiny town in Southern Utah centrally located between Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks.  As is customary, I was hoping to get some photos out in nature in my underwear. 

One day of sight-seeing at Zion National Park we found a pull-off where we hoped to eat the picnic lunch we had prepared and brought along.  It was a bit down off the road; we felt safe that we’d be left to our own devices: peace and quiet.

After eating our sandwiches, I stripped down to the black Lupo briefs.  We got a couple sets of photos including the set featured in this post (this actually being the second set).  I had walked back up towards the car a bit.  Lo and behold, mid-way through this set we heard voices; next thing we know a older couple came over the ridge.

There I was posing dutifully in my underwear.  Nothing was said to us, but they did give an odd look then turned back and left.

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  1. Avatar

    Haha. I would be mortified if I was caught. That’s probably why I have not stripped down outside of the confines of my home. Good for you! The scenery looks beautiful.

    • UndieFan

      Zion National Park was spectacularly beautiful. I hadn’t been there in 30 years; so, I think I appreciated it more this time visiting.

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