Blue CellBlock 13 Jock

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Blue CellBlock 13 Jock

For Christmas, I got my boyfriend this blue CellBlock 13 jockstrap from an online underwear store.  I got me one to match, too, only mine is maroon.  I was hoping they would match our Puppy hoods and stuff, but we have yet to try it on with all that gear at the same time.  When he was visiting me in January, I was pretty sick…didn’t get to have as much playtime as I would have liked, for sure.

Though (to me) mine was a bit big, his looks to fit him just GREAT…don’t you think.  We both realized one cool thing about these CellBlock 13 jocks; the elastic butt-straps are embossed with the brand logo…it’s subdued, but it’s there.

Check me out in mine, if you want…click here.

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