Blue PAPI Low-Rise Brief

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Blue PAPI Low-Rise Brief

I do not remember when exactly, but I do remember where I got these blue Papi low-rise briefs.  But of course you realize, in this post I am not the one modeling them.  They look WAY better on this guy (my boyfriend) than they did on me…so I gave them to him.

Anyway, I got these in a multi-color pack from a local discount/clearance-type store called Gordman’s.  They usually have some somewhat off-the-wall brands of underwear.  I know Papi is not necessarily an off-the-wall brand, but I had not heard of them until I saw some at that store.

These are size medium if I recall accurately which were a touch too small for me given that they are 100% cotton and probably shrunk a little in the dryer.  But, damn, they sure do look nice on my guy!  What do you all think?

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