Calvin Klein Tunnel Brief

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Calvin Klein Tunnel Brief - White

Here’s my boyfriend modeling some white Calvin Klein tunnel briefs.  I think this was one pair of a 3-pack I sent him some time back.  Thing is with these low-rise briefs: they only were available in white and black (would have loved to have some in red) and they tended to run small, so the ones I bought (and had still in the package) were size XL.  I was heavier when I bought them (5+ years ago) and since they were said to run small, I bought the XLs…I would have been fine with size L even then (and more so now).

Anyway, you can see that there is extra room in these briefs.  Since they are all-cotton, they do tend to loosen throughout the day of wear.

Calvin Klein doesn’t sell them anymore, but I wish they did…I would get a few new packs in size medium.  Would be awesome if they brought them back with more colors, too!

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