Caught Getting Dressed

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Caught Getting Dressed in Staffords

His dad had recently gotten him a new cellphone.  The boy had dropped his last one in the parking lot outside Wendy’s just a few weeks ago.  The boy was already taking all kinds of selfies and sharing stuff with his friends.  He loved his new phone and was happy that his dad had gotten for him.

He and his dad were away on a hiking trip and were staying at one his dad’s friend’s cabins near a river that was known for it’s great fishing.  The boy didn’t care much for fishing, but he really liked hiking and, in general, being outdoors.  They had just returned from the cabin an hour ago after a 5 mile hike over the hills and down the ravines that shouldered the river.  It had been warmer than expected, and they had dressed too warmly. 

The boy knew his dad had just gotten out of the shower; he had heard the water stop and the whistling start.  His dad had always whistled some unknown tune while toweling off.  The whistling stopped.

The boy waited a few minutes for his dad to come out; they were going to head into town for a late lunch. After 10 minutes or so, the boy started to wonder what was taking his dad so long. The boy got up from the recliner and padded across the living room to see what was up.  The boy caught a glimpse of his dad.  He knew his dad was wearing a Superman shirt even though his back was to him…dad always wore that blue Superman shirt.  The boy also noticed his dad had not put his underwear.  To the boy, there was something about seeing his dad in his underwear that stirred within him…and his dad almost always wore “tighty whities”, especially around the house it was always a t-shirt and white briefs.

The boy tip-toed back to the recliner and grabbed his cell phone and quickly brought up his camera app as he padded softly back to his dad’s open bedroom door.  He excitedly snapped a pic. “Shit,” he said. The camera shutter-noise sounded.  The boy’s hands shook as he fumbled with his phone to silence it.  As his dad snatched up a pair of tighty whities and began to slip them on, the boy started clicking away at his phone…snapping picture after picture as his dad pulled up his briefs to cover his ass.

To himself, the boy admitted his excitement. His own body even betrayed him.  He quickly pocketed his phone and slipped into the hallway bathroom.  Out came his phone and he started flipping through the pictures he had taken of his dad.

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  1. Avatar

    Dad never caught me taking pictures of him but eventually I saw IT in person and didn’t need pics! I knew the Taste of my Dad, my biological Dad! Thanks for this story, it brought back fond memories!

    • UndieFan

      I’m glad you liked it so well, Kevin. Good to “see” you.

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