Cowboy in Training

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Cowboy in White Star Training Pants

I call this set of photos “Cowboy in Training.”  We did these photos as a special treat in honor of my boyfriend…’cause he’s a cowboy who likes working with horses.  The tighty whities underwear I’m sporting in these pictures are Star training pants.  You might have seen some other posts featuring these.

We shot these while on our regular January cabin getaway.  It was a nice few days with mild weather, especially for being in the Midwest.  Our cabin was very secluded, so I wandered around outside often in my underwear.  Still, we put this outfit together for this special “photo shoot”.  I’m donning my felt cowboy hat and a leather vest.

These were so much fun to do.  I would love to do a set like these with a horse as well…me up on in a saddle and next to a nice, buckskin.  It would be so awesome…delights me to even think about it.

Let me know what you think?!?!?

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    Wow, very nice! Wish I was out there with you in my tighty whities and boots

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