Desert in Staffords

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If you’re keeping up with my site/blog, you might remember that I’m out in Arizona visiting my boyfriend.

The other day we went outside of town into the barren wastelands that are the Arizona deserts.  The temperature was in the mid-70s so it wasn’t really too bad…although the sun was beating down (relatively cloudless sky).

Anyway, at one point early on in our “hike” on one of the horse trails, I slipped out of my running shorts and down to my t-shirt and Stafford white briefs.  I really enjoy walking around outside in my underwear…it’s such a feeling of freedom.  There is also a bit of excitement…not knowing if we will cross paths with some riders or other hikers.

Most of all, though, it provides the opportunity to get some good outside-in-underwear photos doing “real life” things.

So here you go…another outdoor set of me hiking through the desert in my tighty whities!

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