Dirty Ripped Tighty Whities

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Dirty Ripped Tighty Whities

I started my twitter account (@FanUnderwear) in mid-August this year (2019) because tumblr kept flagging all my posts as explicit.  I rarely, if ever, post explicit photos of myself.  Do I reblog/re-tweet stuff like that, yes, but not original content.  Over this weekend I surpassed 1,000 followers.  I’m so excited to have such a following…better than I was doing on tumblr, anyway.  This post is kind of a special one to “celebrate” surpassing 1K followers.

You may know how I often work in the garage (shop) in my underwear or even a speedo (speedo usually when the garage door is open).  I like to stay cool and, of course, I just like being in my underwear.

I was going to have to trim some limbs from one of the pine trees near our patio; we were being overrun. I was mixing up some fuel one day for the chainsaw, and I kept getting the engine oil on my fingers.  I didn’t have any shop towels handy, so I just wiped my hands on the Fruit of the Loom tighty whities I was wearing at the time.

At one point, I even got my underwear snagged on the edge of my scroll saw stand…thought I was going to pull the thing down on myself, but instead my briefs just tore open.  I got a little carried away when trying to get them loose that I ripped them all the more.

It was then that I noticed a hole in the front left hip of my tighty whities.  Since I had ripped the other side and back, I decided to go ahead and begin trying for a matching tear.  By the time I was done mixing the stuff for the chainsaw, my underwear was ripped up and dirty.

Oh well, I definitely have plenty of tighty whities…I just threw these out…

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    Congrats on achieving 1,000 followers!!

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