Double Seat Briefs from BVD

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Double Seat Briefs from BVD

I recently went for a walk down my subdivision.  While I am not a runner, I took the advice of a friend from a neighboring state who said something to the effect of “it’s getting cold out there…time to break out the compression pants/leggings.” On the day of my walk, I had put on some BVD double-seat white briefs. Over these white briefs, I slipped into a pair of Nike pro combat compression pants…knowing full-well that if anyone happened to be looking, they’d see my underwear right through ’em.  But hey, like “they” always say: “if you’re going to wear white pants, at least wear white underwear.”  And besides…the guy that advised about the compression pants always seems to want people to show him our undies…lol.  I think it’s super cool how you can see the “BVD” logo through the compression pants (see pics below).

Anyway, a number of years ago I saw these BVD double seat briefs on a guy on tumblr. I messaged that guy (I’ll call him “Todd”) to ask where he got them (so I could get some). He responded with a link to an on-line store in Japan.

While it was a bit difficult figuring out what to order (lost in translation you could say), I managed to do it correctly and score two pairs of these simple, but neat double seat briefs.

They do fit me a bit snug and since they are 100% cotton, they don’t have a lot of give. Still, they are comfortable and fun to wear.

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