Emergency First Responder

Posted by on Jun 25, 2019 in Colored Briefs, Posts with Video, Tiger Underwear, White Briefs | 1 comment

I’ve been super excited to get some photos of me in these new “Emergency” print double seat briefs from Tiger Underwear.  These are all cotton double seat briefs have firetrucks, police cars, and ambulances on a white background.  Not only is their contrasting color trim, but the trim is two different colors: red marking the fly in the front and blue for the leg-bands.  These cool underwear even have a neat blue waistband with red double-dashes.

If you want to feel a bit like a little boy again wearing some cool underoos-like underwear, this is an excellent choice!

Hope you enjoy the modelling video above as well.  Let me know!

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    I absolutely love mine that you got me. I’d love to have a pair of these in trainers too!
    I totally agree about if you want to feel like a little boy, wear these puppies!!! They’re too perfect!!!

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