Evolve-ing Outdoors

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Last October my boyfriend was visiting and we went down to a State Park south of where I live to got for a hike and enjoy some what we often call “dirt church.”  At one point along the trail, we found a great resting spot complete with a bench looking down on the ravine.  But the best part of the resting spot was this set of photos we got of him.

He is wearing some white Evolve low-rise briefs he had bought at Target.  The Evolve brand is made by 2(x)ist.  I have several Evolve pairs myself, but he looks absolutely wonderful in these.  I just love the contrast colored trim and how that matches part of the waistband…so cool.

I wore some white Lupo low-rise briefs that day: Lupo Modal White Racer

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    Those briefs are nice. I used to buy the Evolve trunks all the time until I morphed into the brief/jock/thong guy that I am today. I just love your outdoors pics! I am going to have to try that for myself.

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