Filling the Bird Feeder in Tigers

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In late January of 2018, we went on one of our cabin getaways.  There was this neat little “cabin” bird feeder out in the woods not too far back from our cabin.  We picked up some bird feed from the local Walmart to fill it up.

Click to Visit Tiger UnderwearThe next morning, I went out to fill the feeder.  It was a mild January that year, so the temperature wasn’t too bad (not that I’d be out there that long anyway).  Still, I went out to complete the task in the underwear I had put on after my morning shower: tiger print double seat briefs from Tiger Underwear.  I sure hope I didn’t scare the animals away by having tigers all over my underwear.

These tiger prints underwear were the first print Tiger Underwear came out with.  They have rocket ship ones now, too, but the tiger print ones are too perfect (given the brand name).

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