Finishing a Dolphin in Jockeys

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Y-Front Jockey Briefs

So if you all have noticed, I have been doing a fair bit of woodworking of late. With Christmas just around the corner, I’ve taken to hand-crafting several gifts for my loved ones. 

Earlier this summer I was shown/taught how to use a scroll saw. I immediately took to it; my “teacher” built my confidence saying I was a “natural”. Not long afterwards I went ahead and bought a medium-range (price-wise) saw with a stand.  I also picked up a nice flex-arm lamp and magnifier…makes it much easier to see what you’re working on. Lastly, I added a variable speed foot pedal. This makes the saw operate very similar to a sewing machine in that I can control the speed of the blade…or cut the power altogether by taking my foot off the pedal.

I have a friend who really likes dolphins.  As one of my first 3D projects with my scroll saw, I cut out a “jumping” dolphin out of a block of basswood.  You may have realized through many of my previous posts, I often work in my shop (garage) in my underwear or a speedo. The morning I produced these photos and video I was wearing some white y-front Jockey briefs…tighty whities!!

In the video, I am using a vintage gray stain to give the dolphin a natural “skin” color.  I’ve still got to put it on a chain…I think she will end up hanging it from the rear-view mirror of her car.

Here are a couple other of my ‘woodworking in underwear’ posts with video:
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