Flash in Lupo Briefs

Posted by on May 11, 2019 in Colored Briefs, Lupo, Superhero | 0 comments

These particular Lupo low-rise modal briefs are by far my favorite underwear from Lupo.  I wear size medium, and I get them from Amazon…they’re only $10.95 (I just now looked again).  I should get a couple more.

They are so comfortable and supportive…but they don’t feel like you’re wearing anything really.  COMFY COMFY COMFY.  In this post, I’m also featuring my Flash t-shirt…I tried to match my underwear with my shirt; how’d I do.

This post is in honor of my boyfriend (a tried and true Flash fan) because he’s visiting me right now (in total he’ll be here 2 weeks).  I’m super happy.

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