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Star Training Pants (ABDL)

Over the last 5 years or so, it has become somewhat of a tradition for us to go on two weekend cabin getaways…in late winter or early spring and then again in the fall.  We typically go to one of two of the same places each time as we know the area well, and there is plenty of privacy at those cabins.

These photos were taken one morning while on one of those cabin getaways.  I’m sporting some white Star training pants…probably the very same ones I had wore to bed the night before.  I dare say we were enjoying our morning coffee (hot chocolate for me maybe) on the porch.

Getting some outdoor underwear pictures is super fun for me…going to this particular cabin almost always provides great opportunities.  Sometimes, though, the weather cuts into photo time.  But that just means we have to go again…no arguments from me about that.

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  1. Avatar

    Great set of photos, as always!

    • UndieFan

      Thanks…glad to see you back here. Hope you’re doing well!

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