Ginch Gonch Video Games

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Ginch Gonch Video Games

Today’s post features some cool cartoon-ish briefs from Ginch Gonch.  They have space invaders ‘guys’ on them with I love video games on the hip…all in the style of old-school Atari.

These underwear are a cotton/stretch blend; they fit good and keep their shape all day.  They are super fun to wear.  Although I’ve not done it, it would be cool to wear these to a video game party where all the guys are in their underwear.  Of course, in that scenario I’d prefer most of the guys be in tighty whities…

Oh, this set of pictures was taken outside during our cabin getaway back in May of 2017…right outside in the front yard of our cabin.

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  1. Avatar

    You should try and get involved in getting something like that kind of party together! Setup a flyer at bars and pride events! ….just a would be fun, I think.. dont you?

    • UndieFan

      You’re quite right…it would be totally cool. Have some console games set up in different parts of the room…to have tournaments and multi-player games…

      Would be totally fun.

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