Grey Brooks Brothers Briefs

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The first time I ever bought Brooks Brothers underwear was at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago.  There always seems to be a Brooks Brothers store in major airport and though they are expensive briefs (around $30 for a three-pack), they are super comfortable…for all-cotton briefs.  I also like the logo waistband…I wonder if anyone ever saw my waistband peaking over my jeans and wondered “what are brooks brothers underwear?”

These pictures were taken out on my patio a few weeks ago in the mid-afternoon.  As you can see, a leaf or two cast a shadow in a “perfect” spot on one of the photos.

Anyway, not much to say about these comfy undies except: if they’re in your budget range, I think you ought to give them a try…they are a fine quality brief.  Oh, I also have them in white (of course), so I will post pics of those at some point.

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