Grillin’ in Rearz Dinosaur Trainers

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Rearz Dinosaur Training Pants

Just a few weeks ago, my boyfriend texted me about this new pattern (Dinosaurs) that Rearz released for their line of adult (abdl) training pants.  I had to have them, so I ordered two right away…one for him and one for me.

Last night was the first time I wore them, and I kept wearing them through today.  We had decided Friday evening that we were going to grill some hot dogs, hamburgers, and a couple ribeye steaks today.  Obviously, I didn’t even put pants on…I just went ahead outside and grilled our stuff right there in my Rearz Dinosaur Trainers.

About mid-way through cooking our meal, it started to rain.  I managed to finish the cookout without getting too wet…thanks to a handy umbrella.  I’m sure (if the neighbors saw me) I looked somewhat foolish, but I don’t care…they ought to know by now that I’m just gonna be me!

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