Heading Home in Dinosaur Trainers

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Rearz Dinosaur Trainers

About a month ago we went on a quick weekend getaway over to a place near the Indiana border…a little more than 2 hours from home.  It was a historic little town with a “resort” and conference center, which is where we stayed.  Being November, tourist season was over so the town was generally quiet.  Still, a few of the shops were still open.

Anyway, we headed back home on Sunday.  This (see pictures) is the outfit I wore for the ride home.  The first two photos were taken in our quaint little room.  We did enjoy the room quite a bit…even though it was quite small.  The other four photos were taken in the restroom of a Travel America where we stopped to eat brunch.

As you might be able to tell, I’m wearing some “Dinosaur” training pants from Rearz.  These are, by far, my favorite pair of Rearz training pants…I love the red trim.  I’m wearing my red Boycott Pants t-shirt as well (to match, sort of).  I only wore pants when I had to…and those were pajama bottoms.  Everybody (those who might care anyway) could probably tell that I was wearing thick underwear…

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  1. Avatar

    My Rearz Trainers arrived yesterday! I got the Dinosaur print and and the Safari print!

    • UndieFan

      That’s awesome! I trust you will like them. I recently got a new print…I have yet to put them on; maybe I will tonight.

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