Hiking the Shady Ridge Trail

Posted by on Jun 28, 2019 in Colored Briefs, Jockey | 0 comments

In mid-May, we were on vacation in south central Missouri when my boyfriend was in town visiting.  One day we went for a hike on a somewhat remote trail within a local state park.  I was wearing these navy/blue Jockey Life low-rise briefs that I recently picked up from Walmart.  I figured they look a lot like a speedo, so I just hiked in my underwear.  

For my part, it was REALLY fun hiking around in my underwear….I love, love, love it.  We got several sets of me in my speedo-looking briefs, including this set.

Through much of the hike, we didn’t run across anyone, but towards the end we were taking pictures near the water and a couple pontoon boats strolled right by.  Check out that set of photos by clicking here.

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