Him in Rearz Lil Monster Trainers

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Rearz Training Pants - Lil Monsters

My boyfriend and I absolutely have a “little” side.  Not all the time, really, but we definitely like to have our littles out to play.  Typically (normally actually) both of us wear “training pants” to bed…mostly for the comfort and security (feelings) they provide. 

Here he is in various poses in some Lil Monster Trainers from Rearz. We each have these trainers, and we often wear them to bed to match (a further comfort for us).

The outer fabric is a cotton-stretch fabric that moves pretty good with you and keeps its shape very well.  The front and back provided nice and thick padding.

Here’s a post of a set of photos with me wearing a matching pair (I wore them to work that day): Rearz Lil Monsters

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