Lakeside Tighty Whities – Part 2

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Lakeside Stafford Tighty Whities

Happy Tighty Whitie Tuesday everybody.  Yep, it’s the best day of the week to show off your tighty whities…and you better be wearing ’em, too.

Here’s the story about this set of photos: one weekend in mid-October  we went down to a somewhat nearby lake to do some sight-seeing and hiking.  Unfortunately, there were no “trails” at this lake.  Bummer.  Even so, there was some nice scenery around the lake. 

But the best part was two-fold: 1) we maybe saw a total of 10 people in and around the lake, and 2) we had great opportunities to get underwear photos.  In this set (it’s part 2) I am standing near a causeway on a narrow gravel road that splits the lake in two.

That day, I was wearing some size small Stafford white briefs (as in the norm these days) and my blue Tighty Whities Boy t-shirt.  We got some really good photos; take a look at Lakeside Tighty Whities – Part 1Mississippi River Scenic Overlook in Staffords in another photo set post from that same day.

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