Low-Rise White Jockeys

Posted by on May 12, 2019 in Jockey, White Briefs | 4 comments

Jockey is rather synonymous with white briefs.  A lot of guys I know even still call briefs “jockeys”.  It kind of urks me actually as Jockey is a brand and “briefs” is a style.  More to the point, Jockey (these particular Jockeys) are y-fronts.

Anyway, today’s post selection features me in a pair of size 34 low-rise white Jockey briefs.  I really like how these fit me.  Still, I’ve tried some full-cut size 32 Jockeys recently and I like those as a lot as well.

I don’t know…I think I look pretty good in these tighty whities.  Anybody got some feedback for me?

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  1. Avatar

    enjoy watching all your website look cool

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    You look fantastic in these! The slight transparency of the fabric is a plus!

    • UndieFan

      Thank you again for such kind words. I do like the Jockey y-front briefs.

      Maybe I should do a “shower” video wearing those…that would be MORE transparent. 🙂

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