Making a Cribbage Board in Tighty Whities

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Stafford Tighty Whities - Woodworking

So I have been doing a fair bit of woodworking of late, and I managed to find a template kit for something I’ve wanted to make nearly all my life.

When I was a kid, my dad taught me how to play cribbage, and I’ve been playing ever since.  And I have always want to make a board of my own.  I had a nice piece of oak laying around so I got started.

As many of you may have realized, I often work in my shop (garage) in my underwear or a speedo.  This morning I was working on my first cribbage board in some Stafford white briefs…tighty whities!!

Below is a video of me doing some work on that cribbage board as well as a few still images.

EDITED: I’ve got another ‘woodworking in my underwear post’ up on the site now.  You can view it here: Scrollsaw Demo on Tighty Whitie Tuesday

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