Mesh Tighty Whities

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Mesh Tighty Whities

I don’t remember exactly when or where I got these, but I am reasonably certain I ordered them on-line from somewhere in Europe…most likely  I do remember that I first saw them on a guy in a picture I saw on tumblr. I remember thinking, I HAVE to find them and get some…alas, I did.

These photos were taken outside while on our traditional late-in-the-year cabin getaway back in 2017.  The brand is Brynje (don’t ask me how that’s to be pronounced) from Norway.  I’m not even sure they are produced anymore, but I imagine they can be found on e-Bay or even Etsy.

In terms of practicality and everyday wear, I’m not a big fan; but they are pretty comfortable for lounging around and “fun” times I suppose.

Here’s some information I found about them:
Knitted from the finest 100% cotton yarn the net matrix both allows perspiration to escape while simultaneously maintaining a regulated cushion of air next to the skin. By nature cotton garments offer unsurpassed breathability and Brynje cotton net underwear is the ideal choice for daily use to keep you incredibly comfortable and warm.

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