MeUndies Tiger Stripes

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MeUndies Tiger Stripes

I totally find it hard to believe it is December already…wow, this year has flown by.

It seems I always tell this story when I post photos of underwear from this company, but here we go again: in late 2015, I saw an advertisement on my Facebook feed that introduced me to a new underwear brand called MeUndies. They feature standard colored briefs as well as fun patterns and some even more “adventurous” themed patterns.

Anyway, this Tiger Stripe pattern came out sometime in late 2017 and this particular set of photos was taken almost exactly two years ago.

I always get size large with these as the mediums are a bit too snug for my liking. Problem is, the large ones are just a wee bit too big (they often get loose in the leg openings real fast…but I will say, that has improved over the years). The material is super soft and the patterns are just way too cool. I have many many pairs, so I will be posting more sets along the way.

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