More Navy Briefs in Nature

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Navy Jockey Life Brief

Earlier this year in May, we went on vacation in south central Missouri when my boyfriend was in town visiting for my birthday.  One day we went for a hike on a somewhat remote trail within a local state park.  I was wearing these navy/blue Jockey Life low-rise briefs that I had recently purchased from Walmart.  I figured they look a lot like a speedo swim brief, so I just hiked in my Superman t-shirt, socks/shoes, and these underwear…I even took my shirt off at one point.  

For my part, it was REALLY fun hiking around in my underwear…I love, love, love it.  We got several sets of me in these speedo-looking briefs, including this set taken by my boyfriend.

Just as we were finishing up at this photo set’s location, a couple pontoon boats drifted into the cove.  I am certain they saw me posing about on the shore in my “speedo” underwear.  It was kind of thrilling for me KNOWING they saw me in my underwear (even though they would have assumed it was a swim brief).

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