Morning Tea in Stafford Underwear

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Tea in Stafford Underwear

For this post I am sharing a bit of my morning with you all…it was actually this past Monday morning.  I had gotten out of bed and changed into these white Stafford briefs (as you may know, some of my favorite tighty whities).  I made my way to the kitchen to take my morning pills, getting dressed along the way.

The first video is somewhat of a narrative of me in the kitchen slowly getting dressed, taking my pills, and making some tea.  I talk about and show off my underwear, too.  There are some selfie photos also.

Later than same morning, I was feeling a bit frisky and made the second video (scroll down to the bottom, after the pictures).  It is of me having some fun with a big pile of white briefs (all Staffords).  I used a mix of regular light and blacklights, so my underwear kinda glows a bit…I love that.

Lemme know what you think!

You can view all my underwear videos here: My Vimeo Profile

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One Comment

  1. Avatar

    I fan of white briefs
    I’m of tighty whities club!

    Es emocionante ver todas esas trusas juntas…
    Se antoja usar una por una!

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