My Captain America

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Captain America Briefs

While The Flash may be his favorite DC Comics superhero, Captain America certainly ranks up high among his favorites in the Marvel Universe.  And…he sure does wear Cappy’s shield well, doesn’t he; looking damn fine in those Captain America briefs!!!

But there is another, more personal, story about Captain America and my boyfriend.  He recently finished his enlistment in the Army National Guard.  He used to carry/keep two LEGO mini-figures on his person (in a pocket of his uniform) during his drill weekend.  One was Superman; the other was Captain America.

You see, if my memory serves me, Captain America was one of his youngest brother’s (let’s call him Junior) favorite superheroes, and I believe Junior thought of his brother (my boyfriend) as Captain America because he served in the military.  My boyfriend kept that mini-figure with him…even after his younger brother passed away in late 2017.

Personal note: If you’re reading this, I know this is around the time that your little brother got really sick and eventually passed. Always try to remember that he is always with us as I am always with you…no matter where we happen to be.  Love, Me.

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