My Flashy BF in Lupo Briefs

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Red Lupo Underwear

These particular Lupo low-rise modal briefs are by far my favorite underwear from Lupo.  I wear size medium, and I get them from Amazon…they’re were only $10.95, but they seem to be unavailable at the time I’m writing this post (I just now looked).

They are so comfortable and supportive…but they don’t feel like you’re wearing anything really.  COMFY COMFY COMFY.  This post, however, features my awesome boyfriend in a pair of these Lupo briefs and his Flash shirt.  You see, The Flash is his favorite superhero from DC Comics.  He wears the same size Lupos as me: medium.

Last May, a post features me wearing the same combination (shirt and underwear).  I think he looks great; I’m okay.  You be the judge…

Flash in Lupo Briefs (me)

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