Nordstrom Tighty Whities

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Nordstrom Tighty Whities

I got these classic white full-cut briefs from, of all places :-), a upscale department store called Nordstrom.  These are their store brand briefs and come in a 3-pack.  They are appropriately sized in even numbers from 32 on up.

They are 100% cotton.  I supposed I could say in terms of quality they are on the order of Calvin Klein, but they are cut different (a bit more material on the hips perhaps?).  These also have a wider waistband, which is nice.

Anyway, not a bad addition to my collection.  Though I bought them well over a year ago, I’ve only wore them less than a handful of times.

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    • UndieFan

      Thanks Corey…I’m glad you’re enjoying the site. I will respond to your other question directly (via email).

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