Orange CK Boys XL Briefs

Posted by on Apr 8, 2019 in Calvin Klein, Colored Briefs | 0 comments

I’m not sure how long ago it was, but I remember exactly where I got this pair of briefs: I ordered them from Macy’s on-line.  I remember seeing some boxer-briefs (for boys) in the store and wondered if they carried any colored briefs in the XL size on-line and, sure enough, they did.

These came in a multi-pack in three different colors.  I was hoping they would fit me.  They do…but they are a bit snug.  They are a cotton-stretch fabric, so they do dive a little.  Still, if I lost a little bit of weight, they would fit better.

I still like them a lot.  I think the other two colors in that pack were yellow and cyan.  It seems like I got 2 packs but only 4 different colors…I don’t remember for sure.

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