Orange Nike Swim Brief – Part 1

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I was away from home on a business/leisure trip the last few days and stayed at a Holiday Inn where we normally do when we are in that particular are of the country.  Two of the four days we were there, we took full advantage of the hotel’s pool and hot tub area…made for some great relaxation time, for sure.

I failed to get any good “action” pictures of the first time during this stay but made sure to get some of the second.  Here, I’m wearing a Nike swim brief (speedo).  I call it “orange” but really it seems like the base color is black and a spider went web-spinning crazy with orange webbing all over it.  I thought it was cool when I got it (from in a on-sale summer grab bag…that means for around $15 you have no idea what you’re going to get, you simply pick the size).

This set featured me in that ‘speedo’ before getting into the pool; check out part 2 for ‘wet’ photos.

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