Outdoor Jockey Duo

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As you may have read in previous posts this week, we are on a little vacation in a popular area of south central Missouri.  My BF is has been in town visiting for the last week and a half-ish.

Yesterday, we did some shopping at the local outlet mall; hitting both the Jockey and the Calvin Klein stores as well as a few specialty stores like the kitchen gadget store and the chocolate/fudge factory.  Against my better judgement, we did indulge in a few treats that were super yummy.

Anyway, today we went for a hike on a somewhat remote trail within a local state park.  I was wearing some navy/blue Jockey Life low-rise briefs that I recently picked up from Walmart.  I figured they look a lot like a speedo, so I just hiked in my underwear.  My boyfriend is wearing some new mesh stretch cotton briefs that we had found from the Jockey Outlet.

For my part, it was REALLY fun hiking around in my underwear….I love, love, love it.  We got several sets of me in my speedo-looking briefs, so you all should be on the look-out for posts with those.

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