Outdoors in Red Jock Brief

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Go Softwear Jock Brief - Red

I bought these 5+ years ago after seeing them in an Undergear catalog I used to get in the mail (many years ago).  I wish they still did that (underwear catalogs). These underwear are referred to as a “jock brief”; it’s much like a jock-strap, but the “straps” are a bit more full. The rear “panel” is (obviously) almost entirely open.

When wearing these GoSoftwear Jock Briefs, I am quite prone to the waistband peaking out of my pants (hopefully someone sees and enjoys).  Even so, for this set of photos, everything is out there for everyone to see (but being in the woods…no one else was around except for the photographer).  These photos were taken in January 2018 during of one our traditional weekend cabin getaways.

As for comfort, this jock brief is wonderful…for any activity, really. I love that they are red and that they have the contrasting white trim and wide-ish logo waistband that resists rolling over (which is good for me because of my tummy).

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