Peace Symbol Tommy Briefs

Posted by on Mar 30, 2019 in Colored Briefs, Tommy Hilfiger | 0 comments

I got these cool Tommy Hilfiger “Peace” briefs about five years ago.  I thought they were super cool for a number of reasons: 1) patriotic red, white, and blue coloring, 2) peace symbols are neat, 3) contrasting dark blue trim…always a hit for me, and 4) cool logo waistband.

These are a cotton/stretch blend brief…I can’t remember if they are size medium or large (stand by, let me go check).  Yes, they are size medium.  These photos were taken around Veteran’s day in 2015.  We were on a getaway cabin trip.

Incidentally, these briefs still fit me; I like wearing them once in a while.  I can just think of my underwear, think a peaceful mantra, and all is good. 

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