Pink 2(x)ist Low-Rise Briefs

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Pink 2(x)ist Low-Rise Briefs

I remember seeing these and ordering them from Macy*s website several years ago.  I knew I had to get them as soon as I saw them.  I literally love everything about them.

These selfies were actually taken in July of 2016…about 3 months after my open-heart surgery.  These 2(x)ist low-rise briefs are truly, unbelievably comfortable.  A cotton-stretchy fabric supports “everything” but doesn’t constrict.  I love the pink color and especially the orange contrast trim of the leg bands…I don’t know why, I just totally dig that.

Lastly, the color-coordinated embossed-logo waistband is wide but not overly-so…but still doesn’t roll on me.  Gotta love that.

But seriously, do they make my butt look big?!?!

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  1. Avatar

    I think your butt looks fantastic in them, and make your bulge looks really beautiful!

    • UndieFan

      Thank you once again, Adri. You are much too kind.

      These are some of my absolute favorite 2(x)ist underwear, though. I love the color and fit.

      • Avatar

        Thanks to you, for sharing your great collection! I’m not sueprised why do you like these so much! They look like the perfect combination of comfortable and sexy 😉

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