Pink and Blue Tiger Trainers

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These are some brand new “trainers” from Tiger Underwear.  I was so excited to see this new brief color/style that I had to get some almost immediately.  They have baby blue and pink panels with white contrast trim, complete with white double dashes on a matching light-blue waistband.

Click to go to Tiger UnderwearAs I said, these are their “trainers”, which means they have 4 panels front and back with a non-working “faux” fly in the front). Also, like every other pair of Tiger Underwear I have/wear, they are size medium (32-34).  These are a very soft blended fabric (cotton/polyester).  I wore a tie-dyed shirt with them the first time I wore ’em…it kind of matches the underwear.

I invite you to take a look at Tiger Underwear’s offering by clicking on their logo graphic at right.  They have all-white briefs that have double-dashes that are baby blue and pink.  Click on this text to see me in those Tiger briefs.

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