Pink-Blue Tiger Trainers

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Pink-Blue Tiger Trainers

While out on vacation this past summer, I did a bit of hiking and sight-seeing in my new-ish pink and blue trainers from Tiger Underwear.  Before I even left the house I took this set of selfies.

I wore one of my “Boycott Pants” t-shirts…I think the shirt color is called ‘sage’.  My selection for underwear that day was a bit chancy. Since they are “trainers” (which means they have 4 layers of fabric on the front and back panels), they do tend to get pretty warm. I did luck out with the weather, so it turned out fine. These briefs are one of Tiger Underwear’s newest pattern/color schemes, and I just love ’em. Plus, they are a cotton/polyester blend, so they are super soft.  These do seem to stretch out and get a little looser than I like throughout the day, but I still like them a lot.

The video is actually a re-post from my hike earlier that same day, but hey, it’s a good one.

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