Pink Calvin Klein Briefs

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Pink Cotton Stretch Calvin Klein Briefs

This past weekend we went to a somewhat nearby outlet mall to do some shopping as well as have lunch at a nice Italian restaurant.  As you might guess, my main focus was seeing what new, cool underwear I could get my hands on…at outlet prices.

The first picture below depicts my haul for that day…I got all that for about $150.  I felt good about the deals I got, that’s for sure.

Anyway, here’s my first post showing off a pair of the Calvin Klein briefs I got.  Obviously they are pink.  They are a cotton-stretch material…fit snug but not constricting.  Because they are a low-rise design, I opted to get a size large (I normally wear medium…and even men’s small if they are cut right). 

I’ve been wearing these since after my late morning shower.  They still feel as good as when I first put them on.  You can always count on Calvin Klein for great quality underwear.  Oh, and just sayin’, I like wearing pink underwear.

Hope you like!  More posts to follow of me in more underwear from my recent shopping outing.

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