Playing LEGOs in Training Pants

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Several years ago we began a custom of going on a couple weekend cabin trips a year.  We went at various times throughout the year…basically when vacation time was available and when it wasn’t peak vacation time.

If you’ve been following my site for any length of time, you know that I often do a “photo shoot” of me in different styles (cuts, colors, patterns, etc.) of underwear outdoors near the cabin, in the woods, and even on trails in nearby State Parks and Recreation Areas.  We also get a fair share of photos within our cabin.

Normally we pick up groceries and other items at a local store near the cabin we are staying at.  On this trip, we stopped at a Walmart; I was “allowed” to get some LEGOs.  Which brings me to this set of photos.  One night while in the cabin I got out my new box of LEGOs and began playing with them on the blanket I had laid out in front of the fireplace.  I had just finished with my evening shower and had slipped into a pair of Star Training Pants.  Star (brand name) training pants are patterned after the training pants we wore as toddlers.  I like to wear these adult-size ones for the comfort and safe feeling they provide (not for incontinence).

So this is series of photos of me playing with LEGOs while wearing kid-like training pants…definitely makes me feel like a little boy again.  I’m even wearing my favorite cowboy hat as I play!

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