Purple 2(x)ist Briefs

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2(x)ist had this line of all-cotton briefs a number of years ago in all kinds of colors and patterns.  I really like how they tailored the waistbands to go with the main color of the brief.  I also, of course, love the contrasting white trim.

Anyway, I used to have a dozen or so of these in different colors, but I have lost track of many of them.  They are probably in storage, actually.  I have to do that once in a while…sort through my underwear drawers and stow some away (there just isn’t enough room for ALL of it).

These selfies were taken in late December of 2017, in case anyone was wondering.  I believe the briefs are size large. I’m guessing at this point…mostly because I remember for certain they were 100% cotton and they are a bit low-rise (not full-cut).  Still, they fit good then and now.

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